DDoS Mitigation Systems

SNF-DDoS mitigation systems (STL-3000 series) provide a wide range of DDoS attack detection filters for fifteen IP address groups that share the datalink traversing the DDoS mitigation engine programmed in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

STL-3000S DDoS Mitigation Systems Benefits

SERVLYTICS Network Filter (SNF) solutions offer industry-leading entire packet data analysis including application layer data. SNF solutions run on dedicated programmable hardware boards and perform wire-speed data inspections and immediately apply mitigation filter policies to each packet before the individual packet leaves SNF modules.

Hack-Proof Hardware Design for Max Device Security

SNF core security engines are programmed into the FPGA devices. The hardware-based design provides hack-proof protection of the SNF.

Scalable and Customizable for Industry-Leading Value

STL-3000S systems can be configured to service speeds ranging from 20Gbps to 100Gbps and can be also custom-designed by application resulting in affordably priced solutions.

Real-time Response

DDoS attack detections and mitigations policies are applied to individual packet maintaining the legitimate traffic forwarded with no disruption. The total system latency that each packet experience is less than 1 ms.

Maximum Network Service Stability

Network security solutions tend to be the first targets of attacks, resulting in crippling performance after reaching their maximum handling limit during attacks. This may leave businesses off the network or vulnerable to immediate attacks. STL-3000S systems can maintain smooth and continuous packet flow while performing DDoS mitigation services.

Full End-to-End Connection

STL-3000S systems are in-line systems and provide full bidirectional packet forwarding capability. The packets are copied and inspected by the SNF module in the FPGA engines. The match results’ detection policies are applied to the packets before leaving the system. All packets using the full bandwidth of each datalink (10GbE for instance) entering the STL-3000S systems are inspected thus enabling all connections possible as established.

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