Patented FPGA-Based Cybersecurity Solutions


Servlytics has two patents on FPGA data filtering. The first allows us to search and match substring key patterns in programmable and dynamically compatible FPGA devices in real-time (patent# 10,284,476).

The second patent identifies and eliminates arbitrary lengths of threat patterns in a hierarchical manner in hardware.

How Our FPGA Solutions Work

Servlytics patented technology removes the bottlenecks created by CPU speed and software based cybersecurity solutions.

Current Technology

Traditional technology leads to bottlenecks and slows the processing of good and bad data flow into servers.

Servlytics’ Technology

Our technology increases the processing of good and bad data into servers by 40x with 100x technology in development.

What if you could network security appliances could handle 10x more data than today at the same cost while maintaining a perfectly secure network?

Servlytics patented FPGA DDOS Mitigation and Intrusion Prevention Solutions can achieve this. Contact us to learn how!

Servlytics’ Patents

Servlytics has secured two patents on our technology. You can download the patents here around “Nano Filter” SIGNATURE PATTERN DETECTION IN NETWORK TRAFFIC- patent# 10,284,476 & the second a
“Hi·er·ar·chi·cal Hardware Engine” – NETWORK DEVICES AND A METHOD FOR SIGNATURE PATTERN DETECTION – patent# 10,623,323

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